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How to solve Tax Problems with an IRS Tax Attorney

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If you are in a serious or even minor situation with the IRS, you will want to retain a tax attorney to get you through it before it gets worse. If you try to work out all the legal details alone, it could mean the loss of your business, personal wages and/or more information on finding the best Attorney in your area Read More →

How Important Is a Corporate Tax Attorney

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How Important Is a Corporate Tax Attorney to Keep Your Company Tax Matters Running Smoothly?

You do not want to start a business only to realize you are going to need a tax attorney to sort out your mistakes later on. This may also be true for people who made all their mistakes or oversights as they ran their company. Just because you handle your own taxes each year, doesn’t mean this will be easy or even similar. Read More →

The Unfiled Tax Returns

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One of the most common tax problems for which the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) often seeks criminal tax prosecution is unfiled tax returns. It has been estimated that approximately 10 million Americans fail to file their taxes on an annual basis. Those that fail to file their taxes in a timely and appropriate manner often offer many excuses. A familiar excuse for failing to file is the inability to pay the taxes owed to the IRS read more on filing tax return by the method of pay at convenience efile tax return While some individuals feel that they cannot pay what they owe, other individuals procrastinate, do not understand their obligation to file, or simply choose not to file in an effort to avoid paying taxes. Whatever stance the individual takes, they may face severe consequences from the IRS for unfiled tax returns. Taxpayers that have failed to file a tax return for any period over the last seven years should seek the assistance of experienced tax attorney. The IRS often shows more leniency towards those individuals that choose to voluntarily file past-due tax returns with the assistance of a tax professional than to those that do not. Read More →


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The eFile Tax Return is a simple and convenient way to pay your taxes online. In fact, it’s so quick and easy, you can even do it yourself.

First of all, you need to prepare the usual documents before computing how much you owe the government. The required information are your Social Security Numbers (for yourself and any dependents that you have), your employer’s W-2 Forms for you and your spouse, receipts for deductible expenses and other expenses and income from other sources, your 1099 Forms if you have other sources of income than your job or withheld Income Tax. You also need your gross income for the previous year and your bank account or credit card number to pay online and if you want to hire an tax attorney here is how to choose Read More →

Offer in Compromise

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An Offer in Compromise is an agreement between the individual taxpayer and the IRS. This agreement allows the individual to usually pay an amount substantially less than the amount owed. An individual may submit an Offer in Compromise to the IRS, but the IRS is not obligated to accept the individual’s offer. If the IRS believes that the tax liability owed can either be paid through a payment plan or a lump sum, the Offer in Compromise will be rejected. This offer will also be rejected if the amount offered is less than what is known as reasonable collection potential. The reasonable collection potential used by the IRS assesses the value of the individual’s assets, and determines from these assets whether or not the individual has the ability to pay their tax liabilities. While an Offer in Compromise can offer individuals a clean slate, more than half of Offer in Compromises are not accepted, thus, it’s important to work with an attorney to represent them through this process and ensure their case is properly presented. read more information on unfilled tax returns Read More →

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